A meal with meat and dairy products is equivalent to a 4758 km route in a car while a meal without those proteins represents "only" 629 km.
Stockbreeding is responsable of 18% of the global greenhouse gases.
This will be a great challenge for the upcoming decades since developing countries are, indeed, developing economically and the diet is changing: 
Today, the consumption of meat is about 28 kg by year per capita and is estimated to be 37 kg in 2030.
Consequently, the production of meat is going to double from 229 million tonnes a year to 465 million tonnes.

On the internet, it is not difficult to find articles with that kind of advice: "Eat meat and lift weights to enlarge muscles"(www.steroidportal.com)

Strenght training is an activity with more and more male practitioners who mainly aim to build their muscles in order to look greater to impress.

How to combine a more and more superficial society with a environment in danger?

sources: Le Monde, FAO

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